About the project

The Cross-Border Conflict Transformation project was implemented from 2014-2016 by CECORE, in partnership with the Dodoth Argopastoral Development Organisation (DADO), in the LokiKapoeta corridor – mainly involving the pastoral communities of Dodoth (Uganda), Turkana (Kenya), and Toposa (South Sudan). The goal of the project was to enhance local cross-border conflict transformation and management in the area.

Under the USAID-funded PEACE III project, CECORE worked with former warriors in Kaabong who gave up their arms and formed Peace Ambassador groups. The groups have been successful in promoting reconciliation, conflict resolution and community savings.

Background on the conflict

The Karamoja Cluster, particularly the Loki-Kapoeta-Kaabong corridor has greatly suffered from a vicious cycle of violent cross-border conflicts, with the cow at the epicentre of the violence and the gun as the main fueling factor. The relationship among the pastoral communities in the corridor continues to be fragile, based on a violent history, existing conflict drivers, emerging tensions and changing dynamics. Following a number of peacebuilding interventions, the region had experienced a gradual reduction in the number of attacks from 2007-2014. However, from mid-2014 to 2015, the corridor experienced increasing violent incidences and tensions, and the social relations further deteriorated - characterized by brutal killings, injuries, cattle raids, theft of livestock, revenge attacks, abductions, gang rape, border disputes, among others.

CECORE's findings indicate that the conflict drivers included peace spoilers, possession and proliferation of illicit guns among communities (especially in Kenya and South Sudan), raiding and theft of livestock and revenge attacks, poor relations among cross-border communities, cross-border boundary disputes, scarcity of water and pasture, and poor infrastructure networks. Although the conflicts have affected men, women, and children generally, it has affected particular groups differently, with women, children, and ethnic minority being more vulnerable.

“When we see a situation that is unstable, we try to bring balance. That is peace.”

by Admin | August 16, 2017 | Updates
  The Kaabong Peace Ambassadors were started by a group of former warriors who, prior to 2015, worked together to raid cattle, hide in the bush in South Sudan and terrorise community members in and around their town of Kaabong in Karamoja, Uganda. Following a particularly violent incident in...
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Visiting the Naporoto Youth Peace Group

by Admin | August 16, 2017 | Updates
The Naporoto Youth Peace Group was created by a number of reformed warriors and community members from the border village of Kalapata in the Karamoja region of Uganda. Just a few kilometres from the borders with Kenya and South Sudan, many members of the group used to raid cattle...
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