Peace Education

It is easier to straighten a tree while still young than when it is grown up – goes an African saying. CECORE agrees that young people are the leaders of tomorrow. However, they need to grow up into responsible adults and this cannot be achieved if they grow up with sense of violence. It is upon this, that CECORE equips young people (children and youth) with peace building and conflict transformation skills, non violence practice, creative and alternative means of resolving conflicts in order to instill a culture of peace.

CECORE has worked with the Family and Child Protection Unit of Police and teachers on a pilot activity of peace education in primary schools in Kawempe division of Kampala. The intervention arose from the numerous requests by teachers and the Police Unit to CECORE to address the increasing rates of human rights abuses and poor performances in schools.

CECORE has together with teachers and the Police Family and Child Protection Unit carried out a number of peace education sensitizations in selected schools in the division; focusing on issues of child rights and responsibilities, awareness raising on the role of the Police Protection Unit, role of teachers in promoting peace and human rights, how to ensure peaceful co-existence in schools, and equipping pupils with skills to reduce the vices in schools, among others.