The Center for Conflict Resolution (CECORE) is a non-profit organization, established in 1995, with projects stretching through Uganda, the Great Lakes Region and Horn of Africa.

CECORE was founded in 1995 by a number of Ugandans aspiring to promote alternative and creative means of preventing, managing, and resolving conflict. CECORE’s purpose is to empower individual women and men, communities, organizations and institutions to transform conflict effectively by applying alternative and creative means in order to promote a culture of active tolerance and peace.

Our Vision

A society where peace, tolerance, and human dignity prevail

There are many conditions that must be fulfilled if the dignity of each and every human being is to be established and maintained.  A lot of economic, social, cultural, and political factors are significant. But peace – in the fullest sense of the word – is a prerequisite; and tolerance, based on mutual understanding, respect, and forbearance creates the foundation upon which peace may be built.

Our Mission

To promote a culture of peace

CECORE commits to working with people, especially – but not only – in areas where conflict is present or peace is threatened, to awaken and develop their awareness that peace is within their grasp; to empower them with the knowledge and skills relevant to their situation; and to facilitate conflict prevention, resolution and transformation. This involves research, training, sensitization, advocacy and mediation. It requires a profound understanding of the causes of conflict; a readiness to listen, learn, and mould approaches that respond to specific circumstances; and the capacity to deliver services that are relevant, timely, and effective.

Our Core Objective


To empower individuals, organizations and communities to handle conflict/disputes effectively by applying alternative and creative means.


  • To research and develop the theory and to implement the practice of creative conflict resolution
  • To research, document and disseminate information on African traditional methods of conflict resolution
  • To design and share knowledge and experience through networking

Our Board of Directors


Dr. E. Kamuhangire


Vice-chairman;Ms.Hellen Alyek

Ms. Helen K. Alyek

Vice Chairperson


Mr. Patrick O. Mangen


Ms. Angelica Sagamaye Kashunju

Ms. Angelica Kashunju



Mr. Emmanuel M.O. Matua


Ms. Anne Mary Epechu

Ms. Anne Mary Epechu


Rev.Fr..Robert Ecogu

Fr. Robert Ecogu


X 'Officio

Ms. Rose Othieno

Ex-Officio- Secretary to the Board